My Story

I made my first garment when I was 9 years old.  I took my mother's expensive batik fabric she bought from Indonesia and cut it up right in the centre, folded the rest back as if untouched.  I made a two-piece garment that fateful day.

Since then I was constantly looking for usable fabrics to make new garments whenever I have fresh ideas.  Due to the lack of resources then, I had to look into old clothing and trims to re-use and make new garments from it.  I learnt how to re-use and recycle to make new beautiful craft items or clothing ever since. The birth of my label speaks of my love for creation thinking out of the box despite my limitations.

This is represented by my choice of logo - The Desert Rose.

 Legend has it the rose exists in the desert as a sign of God to all who are lost, exhausted with hunger and thirst, and no matter how tough it is, you always find strength & beauty in moments that stand in your way to persevere on.

For me, the desert rose represents hope with dedication & perseverance!