How are our garments made?

Did you know how much textile waste there are in Singapore per year?

In the year 2018, is reported that consumerism has increased in an alarming rate while the recycling rate is reportedly reduced by half a decade ago.  According to NEA (National Environment Agency) total textile / leather waste reported in 2018 is 205,800 tonnes and its recorded recycling rate is only at 6% in comparison to 82,300 tonnes of textile/leather waste at 12% recycling rate in 2008.  That is an increase in 250% in waste in the last 10 years and yet the recycling rate has reduced by half from 12% to 6%.

Everyone has a part to play in reducing carbon and water footprint.  We are committed to making garments from recycled materials and eco-friendly and /or sustainable materials.

There are also ways to reduce carbon and water footprint beyond the manufacturing of garments stage.  You can also do your part. 

So how can you do your part to reduce carbon and water footprint?

Conscious care:

  • Wash right - Follow washing instructions to preserve the garment in the best possible way.
  • Wash less - Wash only when required, do not over wash.
  • Cold wash - Cold wash to preserve and extend the life of garments.
  • Hand wash - microfiber pollution happens every time we wash our garment  Lightly hand wash to reduce microfibre shedding where possible.
  • Green dry cleaning - If the garments require dry cleaning, use eco-friendly solutions to clean them with.
  • Line dry - Take advantage of Singapore’s climate and reduce usage of dryer.