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About Us

Our humble beginning stemmed from my 'two loves' close to my heart. 

My husband is a 3rd generation Peranakan and I am of Chinese heritage. 

When we met, he told me many stories about his late grandmother and how she used to make numerous kasut manek to sell to the shoemaker for very little money.  We even joked about her 'signature error' when she beaded the wrong colour due to poor lighting.  Minute sized Czech faceted beads and round seed beads were used to sew together to make beautiful household soft furnishings, not forgetting the most prominent -'kasut manek'.  Today these beads are no longer in production.  What's left are rare and very expensive to buy.  Fascinated by the stories, I learned the art of manek.

Whilst growing up in a chinese family, I used to admire how pretty traditional cheongsam looked on women.  During my short stint living in Hong Kong in the 90's I even resorted to finding tailors and shops that sells them.  In my opinion, cheongsam is the most versatile, traditional yet formal and modern outfit all in one.  

Today, I am passionate about revitalising the Chinese and Straits Chinese (Peranakan) cultural heritage through wearable art, specialising in creating Chinese Cheongsam and Peranakan manek jewellery, integrating them with a modern chic and quiet flamboyance.