Basic Peranakan Beading

Basic Peranakan Beading

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Learn how to make an intricate pair of mini Peranakan beading slippers in 2 hours! Through this class, you will gain the basic skills required to venture beyond creating a small piece of beaded-design. With these skills you can eventually handcraft one that can be worn on your feet and allows your friends to marvel at our shared heritage - a kasut manek (Peranakan beaded shoe).

What you'll learn: Basic knowledge of Peranakan beading work.

What you'll make: A delicate pair of mini Peranakan beading slippers using colourful 15/0 Japanese beads.

Duration: 2 Hours

Fees Include:

1. Frame with cloth base

2. Needles and thread

3. Assortment of beads

4. Wax

5. Pattern Guide

All materials above are yours to take home to work on your little project. 

Note: Does not include shoemaking fees - approximately $60.