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What's my purrrrfect day?

by Ade L |

Perfection is different in everyone's world.  What is a perfect day in my world?  My perfect day starts with a perfect weather - to me has to be cooling breeze and the sounds of chirping birds with the smell of eucalyptus all around.  To match up to that, a nice morning shower to start it all.

Slap on my sunnies and a slip dress, I would love to head off to a cafe with my kindle or a book. A nice cup of coffee to last me the morning while I immerse into my book.  There is no time to keep or places to rush to.

When sun is down, heading home for a long bath lit with scented candles and bubble bath.  Sitting by the dim lights in my lazy couch to have a simple and lazy dinner.  Paired with wine to set me up for a great night's sleep.

zzzZZZ..... Perfect Day :), good night!

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