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Minimalist: Day 9 (Minimalist Phone)

by Ade L |

What’s a minimalist phone?  Have you ever stopped and think about how much time you spend on your phone on a daily basis?  We literally put our phones down only when we are ready to go to bed and the first thing to pick up when we wake up.  Trust me, you are not alone. We are all guilty of it, me included.

In order to claim our lives back from this distracting technological device, use it as it is meant to be used. Don’t let it run your life. So how do we do that?

Step 1:  Eliminate unimportant and/or non-essential apps - it they are not enhancing your quality of life, it is not an essential app.

Step 2:  Turn off all notification and sound - it ain’t that important if its not a matter of life and death.  So it can wait.

Step 3:  Home Screen Housekeeping - choose 3 to 4 important app for communication purposes.  For example, for me it will be the following:

a. Calendar

b. Whatsapp

c. Facebook

d. Email

In conclusion, by minimising apps, this will also simplify your life.

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