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Minimalist: Day 7 (Minimalist Benefits)

by Ade L |

We have been talking about minimalism all week.  So, what are its benefits??

First of all, you have less to clean!!!

1.  Clean - you have a lot less to clean when you have less to begin with.  What’s not to love here? :)

2.  Time - when cleaning become easy, you can save lots of time for other things like writing a book!

3.  Space - with lesser things at home, by default space is the byproduct.

4.  Money saving - when you know that you need less, you buy less, hence you save more money.  This is so important for your retirement plans.

5.  Better health - ironically, with less clutter around you, the soul is healthier.  You automatically have less burden too.

6.  Peace of mind - Definitely peace of mind! 

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