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Minimalist: Day 6 (Minimalist Living Tips)

by Ade L |

Tips to living as a minimalist.  Make your own rules.  It doesn’t mean that if you are a minimalist, you live with nothing at home but your mattress and your pillow on the floor.  Make them up with an intention not to waste unnecessary resource.

1.  Intention or attitude - this is an essential to a good start

2.  Think before you buy - do you need this or is it just too attractive to buy?

3. Buy quality, NOT quantity - never be sucked into a sale item.  They are usually things that you don’t need.

4.  24 hour rule - never buy anything on impulse.  Sleep on it.  If you still feel like it is something you need to have, you can always go back and get it.

5.  Purge, purge, purge - one in, two out.  This is to discourage myself from excessive buying.  If you purge before you buy, you will think harder if you need it at all.  And if you do, purging two items will be no issue.

6.  Lastly, stay within your Budget.  Don’t buy anything that you cannot afford.  Buying something that you cannot afford will add burden to you and that totally defeats the purpose of being a minimalist.

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