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Minimalist: Day 5 (Purge Day)

by Ade L |  | 4 comments

You’ll be surprised how liberating it is to purge things that you don’t need.  We make mistakes Everyday.  Some small some big.  In order to justify our bad decisions, we tend to hoard our mistake buys, hence clutter at home.

Take charge of your life today and start purging things you do not need.  Many fall into the category of hanging on to the things because you feel guilty having spent the money to obtain them.  Sometimes we kid ourselves and convince ourselves that we will need it one day.  

Purge day is when you tell yourself to toss out whatever you don’t need or you have not picked up for more than one year.  You will realise that it is like many burdens on your back is now being released.

Ask yourself these questions when you do Purge Day.

1.  How long have I had it?

2.  Do I need it?

3.  Is it essential?

If no is the answer to all the above, you may toss it or put it in the donation pack.  Believe me, when you purge and declutter you naturally feel freer too.  Try it for yourself and feel it first hand.

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