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Minimalist: Day 4 (Decluttering my shoe cabinet)

by Ade L |

How many pairs of shoes do we need essentially?  Well, this question is pretty subjective.  Many ladies would agree with me that you need as many pairs as you can afford.  Yes and no.

Over the years I learned that the more pairs of shoes we owned will lead us into a vicious cycle of wanting more for specific events or occasion to wear it to.  I literally buy shoes for certain occasions like New year or Christmas.  This is the norm as retailers made their way through to consumers with excellent marketing ideas which leads us into thinking that it is the essential thing to do.

Have you ever thought though this brings us more burden than happiness?  For every occasion there is that new pair of shoes I need to have! The side effect to this problem will lead us to storage issues.

We essentially only need 3 pairs of shoes.  What are they?

1.  Slippers - for casual or beach moments

2.  Runners - for exercising

3.  Pumps or court shoes - for work or dinner dates

As bonus, you can have one pair of flats for fancy non working day. At the end of the day we do not need so many pairs of shoe because they don’t last us as well if we store them for too long.  Soles will give way for some reasons and for some materials like the patent finishing will change in colour.

Try looking into your shoe cabinet today and ask yourself how many pairs do you really need?

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