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Relax your mind, body & soul away from home at home!

Over the last couple of years, travelling has come to a halt due to hectic life in Singapore.

In order to constantly have the spa experience, we make it our mission to develop various great alternatives that gives us the away from home experience - at home!

We believe scents can bring us to the most luxurious beaches in Maldives, Sunshine Coast & fancy destinations in Europe, even a fond memory like winter pine smell during Christmas Season.

Our very own special edition 'Christmas Pine'​ scent brings us to our favourite time of the year - Christmas! It is our dream that all like minded people will be able to enjoy the good memories of the past, present and the future through our scented candles and luxurious smelling handmade soaps just like we do...

Quote of the Day

"A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the constant pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness" - Albert Einstein


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